Interview with Sylvain Thizy, marketing and managing manager of the brand Shop Coiffure

syvain_thizySylvain Thizy, marketing and managing manager for the french brand Shop Coiffure, explains to us his role in the company, and how the group has benefited from special discount days such as the Black Friday. Thizy also explains the results that the company has achieved using TC Analytics tools by TC Group Solutions

  • Nice to meet you! Can you describe us your role is the company?

For about 9 years I have been responsible for the marketing and communication of the group. From this year on, I am also in charge of the management control service. Therefore, my role in the company is transversal and reach different departments: data analysis, report management, definition and tracking of commercial KPIs, analysis of contribution margins, etc. This kind of global vision allows me to understand and intervene wherever there is a problem, no matter the sector. I also deal with business profit management, shop performance analysis, stock optimization, and customer relationship.

  • Most of your stores are in France. Have you ever thought about expanding the business internationally?

Our company only has physical stores: 85 outlets, half of them are subsidiaries and the remaining ones are franchising. At this particularly time, we are mainly working in France and Switzerland (Geneva and Lausanne). The aim is to continue to strengthen the physical store in the French territory, and later expand to the rest of Europe.

  • What distinguishes Shop Coiffure from competence?

In 2017, after a deep analysis of what was on the market combine with our Big Data report of the last 15 years, the company decided to create a brand new concept of physical shop. We adopt a different strategy: instead of continuing to be exclusive specialized in hair products, we projected into the global beauty products universe.

A new customization system allows us to make 30% discounts throughout the all year. In this way, we can deal with the customer’s look from head to toe: nails, hair, etc., at an exceptional price all year long. Our team is made up of professionals experts in product selection and customized customer service. Our goal is to become the best beauty experts, thanks to an efficient team able to sell quality products at a reasonable price.

  • Black Week it’s just over. How did you get through that?

Black Friday acquires every year more importance. We use this day to start our Christmas campaign.

  • Why did you decide to choose the solutions for retail intelligence offered by TC Group Solutions?

To start the management control service and analyze the results, I had to measure the impact on the level of attraction, the flow of people entering the store and the commercial performance. This pedestrian flow analysis technology was needed to define the necessary KPIs in optimum shopping piloting.

The supplier choice was made after a global market benchmark. It was based on several criteria, including price, app (TC live and TC Group application) etc. The business abilities of Georges Thiery, the sales man of TC Group Solutions in France, have also been decisive: he was able to answer our doubt, understand our needs and organizing all the pilot tests.

Every day, we receive a report of the conversion rate, and it’s already an essential tool that we can no longer do without it. The application also allows our staff, especially regional store managers, to have the numbers and data of all their stores in just a click.

  • How do you think that physical shop will evolve in the future?

Towards a more accurate analysis to optimize everything, from customer experience, marketing, personalized customer relationships, etc. The evolution of consumer and competitive societies drives us towards a better performance every day.

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