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Seamless digital and physical retail


Digital and physical are two halves of the retail ecosystem that worked simultaneously as separate parts in a company. Nowadays, the issue has changed a lot.

The retail sector is changing very quickly: online and offline are complementary, are used together and merge into a single consumer-friendly space. To maximize the benefits of this merger, retailers must take some key actions.

  • Choosing Bricks and Clicks

Adopting this strategy can represent a turning point for a store in crisis: digital retailers that include a physical store in their business plan, often have higher sales.

Physical stores have never stopped playing a vital role in the customer’s shopping experience, without excluding the presence of e-commerce. In fact, distributing physical and digital channels appropriately can increase sales by up to 50%, and certainly offers more opportunities to improve results.

  • Work on brand consistency

To maximize convergence between digital and physical channels, retailers must emphasize the offer of a coherent experience.

In fact, according to a study, 40% of consumers buy more from those who offer a personalized shopping experience on all channels.

The integration of digital and physical sales channels also offers better insights into customer behavior: by combining a customer’s information with in-store purchase models, retailers can create personalized offers in real time to stimulate customer behavior and strengthen his loyalty.

  • Offers in real time

Relevance is the new currency with consumers. To ensure interest and trust, the retailer must communicate to each consumer as if it were the only one, with real time information.

This allows even more varied offers: the collection of clean, accurate and complete data allows retailers to orchestrate interactions based on acquired information, taking advantage of new revenue opportunities and increasing the average value of the tickets.

Data analysis can also help you carry out advanced and highly customized marketing campaigns to acquire new customers, customize offers for new products and offer highly personalized experiences, all with faster delivery times and lower costs.

Retail Intelligence technologies are based on the collection of raw data, their analysis and transformation into key indicators that the retailer can use to make strategic decisions.

TC Analytics is a complete dashboard with which retailers can monitor the pedestrian flow in their stores, in the same way as in online stores.

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