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3 basic Millennials values


A generation who’s resilient and worried, flexible and creative, who’s not digital born but grew up with technology, thus changing its way of buying.

This research, based on a sample of about 9 thousand individuals, focuses on a specific age range from 25 to 34 years.

  • To live more happy, they’ve become more flexible and resilient

First of all, we are talking about young people who have grown up in a period of global recession and intense technological transformation. This tension has led the generation to focus on new life dynamics, where opportunities are seen differently than in the past. To live peacefully, Millennial have thus become more adaptable and resilient than their predecessors, starting from their job: only 10% of the interviewed consider problematic a frequent change of job. This situation is very different from their parents’ one, instead, who have always been tied to a permanent job.

  • Worried about the F factor (Finance)

52% of Millennial say they are afraid of not having enough economic coverage for their daily expenses, 52% are afraid of getting into debt, while 55% are afraid of not being able to retire. Concern that also derives from the fact that, in this generation, those moments of life that mark the stage of maturity are statistically late. Adulthood has become a fluid state in which enter or leave depending on the need, and this lack of stability leads to uncertainty and anxiety.

  • Grew up Digital

Digital natives are the youngest of the Generation Z, while Millennials are not “born” but “grown up” with digital technology, which they have learned to use with greater cognitive adaptation. 47% of them admit to being technology-dependent, while 49% recognize that they feel uncomfortable when they are not online. The relationship with mobile devices is also changing the way they relating to purchases.

  • Creative, enterprising and social

38% of Millenial says they want a business of their own. Creativity is one of the parameter positively evaluated by young people, who seek it also in the brands with which they relate. It is intended both from an aesthetic and an emotional point of view. This generation knows well the companies and the sales techniques. Participation would increase their loyalty to any specific brand.

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