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4D people counter: the best hardware for physical stores


Like any other sector, in the Retail Intelligence’s one, counting technology continues to evolve over the years. Developing hardware and software to produce better counting systems allows to better understand and analyze consumer behavior (and therefore be able to adapt the strategy with the best information possible).

4D counting systems are an evolution of counting technology, with a series of advantages that we will detail below.

Advantages of the 4D counting sensor

This type of sensor does not record any images with its camera. Instead, it uses the “Time Of Flight” system, so it does not generate any personal data and does not identify anyone, fully respecting the data protection law.

  • Exclusion of staff:

Counting systems have often been a problem for store staff. Often, staff must approach the store door when it comes to, for example, cleaning windows or serving customers. If store personnel pass under the counting sensors, it will be included in the entrances and exits. This will affect the attraction and conversion rate of the stores.

In shops with a high volume of visits, the exits and entrances made by the store staff are very diluted, so the impact is minimal. But in stores with a lower volume of visits, the impact generated by staff income and expenses can be a more significant percentage.
Keeping in mind that employee incentives often depend on these relationships, people counters can get to frustrate your staff.

The 4D sensors with the exclusion of the staff of TC Group Solutions, are the only ones currently available on the market that allow not to count the staff without manipulating the data and therefore to have the most exact indicators possible.

  • Discrimination for height and greater accuracy of the count:

Data quality is essential to obtain reliable indicators. Discriminating between objects, animals or people entering an establishment is essential for obtaining quality data. The technology has continued to evolve to reduce the margin of error in the count.

4D sensors have a 99% accuracy, more than 95% accuracy of 3D and thermal sensors.

All these advantages generated by this new type of sensor, with the possibility of excluding the shop personnel and the highest degree of discrimination, offer more accurate KPIs, better identification of the entries and the movement of visits.

If you are interested in 4D sensors for your physical stores, you can contact TC Group Solutions and request a no-obligation quote.

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