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5 reasons why physical stores will never disappear

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Although studies and statistics confirm the tremendous success of e-commerce over physical retail, there are just as many reasons to think that physical stores will not disappear easily.

This is a reality: nowadays, we all buy online and certainly we made our last purchase a few days ago. Not for this however, we stopped buying in a physical store. Why? And why the online store will never be able to definitively replace the physical point of sale?

In this article, we illustrate the 5 main reasons why the store will not disappear, despite the evolution of consumer habits.

The Human Touch

Although online commerce has very positive benefits, it is still far from comparing the customer service offered by a physical store. This is a relevant factor for the consumer, always looking for a personalized treatment and the opinion of an expert, who understand his needs.

And, in fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many online pure players giants open physical stores: they understand that, if they want to survive over time, they must listen to their customers’ needs and necessity and offer them something that the store online does not offer.

Sensory marketing: see and touch the product

It is probably the factor that most differentiates the physical store from the online store, but also its strong point: seeing, touching and testing the product before making the purchase is a primordial need, a feature that will never change.

In an online store it will be easier to compare prices and quality, and you will have a wider choice, but all this will never replace the physical experience: touch and feel a product that belongs to you (you know how Apple works?)

The physical store: a container of experiences

Commercial spaces are progressively turning into places where it is not only possible to buy a product, but where new things are discovered, you learn and have fun. In short, the customer’s shopping experience has improved. In fact, offering a good shopping experience is essential for building customer loyalty. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to differentiate from the online store.

Impulse purchasing

The shops are part of our daily habits: every day, walking to go to work or in the gym, we pass in front of some shop window. Every day, without realizing it, we receive constant impulses, which, added to the immediacy represented by taking the product in hand, represent an incentive for consumption in physical stores and continue to be a driving factor for purchases.

Omnichannel: convergence between the physical and online world

Omnichannel allows you to combine the best parts between physical and online commerce, combining all the channels in a “phygital” experience and allowing you to optimize the results.

It is not a question of canceling out each other or overcoming each other, but rather of creating a complementarity between the two distribution channels.

These are just some of the reasons why the announced end of physical retail is still a long way off.

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