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What are the advantages of a 4D people counter?


Technology continues to evolve and, if we talk about points of sale, the tools to learn more about consumer behavior are constantly evolving. Data analysis is the only effective solution to make right decisions and adapt business strategy based on the data collected.

For this reason, data quality is fundamental. 4D counting systems are an evolution of counting technology with a series of advantages, detailed below:

Advantages of the 4D counting sensor

This type of sensor does not record any image. These cameras operate on the principle of time of flight, so that people or personal data are not identified, in full compliance with the GDPR law.

  • Exclusion of store staff

Counting systems have often been a problem for store staff. Entrances and exits of the store’s staff are not distinguished from those of the potential customers; however, they can influence the attractiveness of the store.

In crowded shops, staff’s entrances and exits are much diluted and the impact is minimal. In stores with fewer visits, on the other hand, the impact of the entry and exit of personnel can represent an important percentage.

In this case, counting systems can frustrate store sellers. The 4D sensor with the exclusion of the personnel provided by TC Group Solutions is currently the only solution available on the market that can exclude store staff from counting, providing more accurate data.

  • Discrimination in height and greater accuracy of the count

Data quality is essential to obtain reliable performance indicators in retail sales, so the distinction between people and objects such, for examples, as strollers entering a store is essential for obtaining quality data.

The 4D sensor also allows discrimination between children and adults with 99% accuracy, over 95% of 3D and thermal sensors. All these advantages generated by this new type of sensor, offer more accurate KPIs, as well as better detection of visits.

If you are interested in 4D sensors for your physical stores, contact us: as experts in Retail Intelligence, we can help you improve your sales performance.

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