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How to attract Generation Z clients?


The consumers of Generation Z (born between 1994 and 2009) are close to 9 million people (only in England) and have become the object of desire of many brands.

Christmas season is coming, a great moment to increase sales and followers.

Generation Z have completely digitized their way of communicating and use internet and social networks as a gateway to the world through which they make decisions, buy and learn. Blogs and online opinions influence them a lot, which is why brands must adapt their sales strategies to their shopping habits.

Some expert tried to identify what are the weaknesses of this generation, in relation to their purchases:

  • Price: Z generation does not care about quality as much as the others. In fact they prefer an affordable price according to their taste.
  • Time: their patterns of consumption are rather impulsive and of ephemeral use. They value the most the capacity of the brands to give them immediate answers.
  • Brand: 32% of them claim to consume brands for pleasure and 41% are loyal only to certain brands depending on the product. However, this fidelity goes through different consumption patterns.
  • Human kind: reputation and being a company that respects the environment are also key factors.
  • Omni-channel world: generation Z is more visual than previous generations, so it is important to communicate visually, on multiple screens and with short messages.


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