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Which are the benefits of in-store discount days?

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Many retailers do not believe in the days of extreme high discounts, and prefer to continue with the usual strategy. In fact, some of these in-store campaigns can turn into a very powerful marketing tool. Promotions, for example, must have a short duration and a concrete final goal, as they can become a double-edged sword.

How to choose the right strategy for your promotions?

The goal of a promotion or a special offer is to achieve sales objectives through actions implemented for a certain period. An advertisement is not a promotion: an ad is usually designed to give your potential customers a reason to buy, and a promotion is a motivation that we give our potential customers to come to the store.
Promotions allow us to increase our attraction rate at first, and then increase sales, but must turn into the main reason for shopping in stores.

Why create offers and discounts in your store?

For several reasons:

  • Increase the sale of certain products: if you want to reduce the stock of a product, making discounts is a good strategy to achieve the goal.
  • Increase the average ticket: making promotions from a certain purchase value is a way to reward the customers who spend more, and can be used to increase sales.
  • Make flash sales on certain dates: based on information from previous years, retailers know what the specific dates are with a drop in sales. Preparing campaigns for these periods can increase sales.
  • Launch a new product or service: test a new product or service in your store with a special offer.

Once you’ve defined your goal, you’ll need to make sure your potential customers receive the message. To ensure that promotions work, the communication strategy must be effective: this means using the communication channels of our customers (mailing, social networks, WhatsApp, etc.), but also creating a powerful message and indicating what the real advantage for the customer.

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