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Biometric technology boost the shopping experience


With the level of competition increasing day by day, consumer experience has emerged as a key differentiator in the retail industry. The use of Biometric identification systems has introduce an era of customized service, enhance customers take advantages of the benefits of technology and the organization to improve their bottom-line.

For example, Mastercard presented in MWC last week in Barcelona a new tool to support banks & retailers, and to guarantee consumers greater security and a better experience in payments, through new services based on innovative technologies such as biometrics and artificial intelligence.

Biometric technologies respond perfectly to consumer expectations on future payments, in a world where digital increasingly influences our daily habits. All this leads to a number of advantages for businesses, helping them improve the shopping experience. “, said Michele Centemero, Countrycard Italia of Mastercard.

Moreover, biometric access control system can also be used by retail industry to cuts cost and improve efficiencies. For example, some technology uses biometric voice identification to identify a customer and, once identification is done the customer detail like name, age, and other personal and banking details are pulled from the centralized database and use to improve his experience.

Besides improving the customer experience, biometric based IVR system increases the efficiency of the entire system by reducing the average handling time for each customer, leading to lower operation costs and better bottom-line.

Also, biometric technology, through authentication with the simple use of fingerprint, iris scanning or facial recognition, offers more advantages and greater safety to consumers during their purchases, by eliminating the need to memorize multiple passwords difficult to remember.

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