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How can Retail Digital Transformation happen?


Consumers today are more attracted by the idea of real-time purchases and special offers tailored to their interests, so want-to-be successful retailers must adopt business models and technological transformations that allow them to remain competitive in a market in which ecommerce players seems increasingly performing.

  • Profiling customers

A phase must be envisaged to identify who enters the store (age and sex), what are the customer movements (duration of the visit) and which products are chosen or preferred. Through this platform it is possible to activate different detection phases and collect data in an organic way to plan marketing actions.

The knowledge of its customer, thanks to the profiling that takes into account the information obtained from online and offline activities can be used to improve the customer experience and accompany the customer in all phases of the purchase.

  • Which are the benefits for the clients?

Apps for smartphones and tablets, interactive screens, loyalty cards and social networks transform the buying process into a real shopping experience. Smart shelves and dressing rooms give continuity to digital interaction. The uniqueness of the multi-channel experience is given by the digital elements enhanced with the physical contact of the desired object and with the service offered by the sales assistant. In the store you can receive instant promotions and electronic coupons. The combined action of all these elements allows to:

  1. Activate loyalty systems
  2. Integrate online and offline purchases
  3. Transforming customers into brand testimonials

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