Retail World

May 29, 2018

4 technologies to manage a physical store

The advancement of technology made retailers begin to worry about how new tools could add and digitize their businesses. Today, the role of the digital universe in the global purchasing management scenario determines how stores engage in the physical market and how consumers interact with brands…

May 22, 2018

3 basic Millennials values

A generation who’s resilient and worried, flexible and creative, who’s not digital born but grew up with technology, thus changing its way of buying.
This research, based on a sample of about 9 thousand individuals, focuses on a specific age range from 25 to 34 years…

May 10, 2018

Omnichannel terapy

«E-commerce sector is a way to bring customers into our physical stores; we have to use digital to bring more traffic to our boutiques, to raise awareness of the brand”. This is the opinion of Geoffroy Lefebvre, vice president of Jaeger LeCoultre…

May 3, 2018

Forget about the product, let’s focus on the client

Unbelievable, but true: 42% of start-ups fail because there is no need in the market. This is a problem that concerns a serious lack in the marketing culture. Let’s go step by step.

How companies generates profits?

Making start-ups means doing business. Doing business means having a business model capable of creating profit…

April 26, 2018

How about clienteling and customer retention?

Today, having the access to customer data, even outside the retail world, is the most effective way to achieve and offering an exceptional shopping experience.
In fact, thanks to the omni-channel strategy, all the instruments (on & offline) to interact with the brand are integrated into a unique and coherent shopping experience…

April 24, 2018

Omnichannel approach: advantages and risks

What are the main opportunities and risks of omni-channel, in the age where digital consumers are increasingly interacting with brands and companies?
The advantages of an omnichannel approach for companies are

Define the demographic, psychographic and behavioral profile of the client, with consequent improvement in targeting
Eliminate temporal an…

April 19, 2018

How to create an interactive shopping experience

As we all know, it is very important to aim an immersive in-store experience, in order to satisfy digital consumers.
After talking about eCommerce, mCommerce and omni-channel, 2018’s retailers will finally enter in a new era: the digital one, which will mark the end of the border between the online and offline world…