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How to count people in a shopping centre?


88% of shopping mall customers ensure they are happier if they buy at the point of sale rather than online, according to the Cushman & Wakefield Happiness Report. The survey was conducted by the real estate consultancy firm on a sample of 4,918 people in 13 Spanish shopping centers.

The result is clear: although e-commerce is becoming increasingly common, Spanish consumers still prefer physical stores, especially in shopping centers. Shopping centers can be classified according to the size and number of stores within them.

We can divide them into:

  • Small shopping centers: in these spaces there is a single attractive pole, specialized in large-sized food, while the remaining shops are less than ten and small.
  • Single-center shopping centers: they have a single supermarket but, unlike the previous category, there are more than ten shops and their sizes are varied.
  • Polycentric Shopping Centers: they usually have two supermarkets with a surface area of no less than 800 square meters, and a number of stores that are always more than 20.

It is possible to classify shopping centers also according to the space they occupy, be they large shopping centers, which exceed 40,000 m2, medium ones, between 20,000 and 40,000 m², small ones that can vary between 5,000 and 20,000 m² and finally the shopping galleries , with an area always less than 5,000 m².

  • Is it worth opening a shop in a mall?

Before opening a store, choosing a good location is essential for the future success of the business. A good location depends, to a large extent, on the level of pedestrian flow and the intention to purchase. In addition, other factors such as the design of the windows shop, the advertising campaigns on displays etc. can influence consumer behavior.

Also in the case of shopping centers, the pedestrian traffic indicator is of fundamental importance: the mall is like the miniature of a neighborhood, where the corridors are the streets for which pedestrians circulate.

There are many advantages of a brand when it decides to open a store in a mall: on the one hand, it will certainly be an area with an important pedestrian flow, but it will not be at the same level in all corridors. Moreover, in a shopping center there will certainly be fierce competition, opening hours, closure and a commercial calendar to be respected. Furthermore, the rent represents a sore point: it is usually high and difficult to negotiate.

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