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Click&Collect: how to improve the shopping experience


Physical commerce tries to reinvent itself to improve the in-store customer experience. In the current context, where the buying experience has become a very important factor for retailers, Click & Collect is the perfect ally for every retailer who owns a business.

In this article, we talk about the Click & Collect, and how this purchasing system can help improve the in-store experience.

What’s Click&Collect?

Click & Collect is a cross-channel strategy that allows consumers to take advantage of the flexibility offered by online commerce to make the purchase (click) and then collect it in a physical store or in a collection point (collect).
In this way, customers will have more options when placing an order that combines the physical and online world in the purchase process.

This purchasing system allows:

  • Offers more purchase options.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and interest.
  • Increase the number of visits to physical stores.
  • Transform the warehouse and the physical store as a logic point for online purchases

Can the Click & Collect improve the customer experience?

The future of retail passes through the coexistence of physical and digital stores: the current retail sale is present both online and offline.

How to effectively manage orders placed on both platforms? Integration and omnichannel are choices that want to guarantee an optimal purchasing experience, and that the customer can complement between off and online.

Click & Collect offers more choices to our customers as it connects the physical store and the online store. In addition, the logistics costs associated with shipping products and their timing often represent a problem for dealers. For this reason, Click & Collect can be an excellent ally to increase making these practices leaner, thus reducing logistics costs.

The implementation of the Click & Collect strategy also has some advantages when it comes to improving the customer experience: for example, it can reduce store waiting times, which today are one of the main frustrations of consumers. In this way, consumers can buy online, and then collect the product at the store, which on the one hand streamlines the process and on the other allows more customers to discover the physical store.

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