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How about clienteling and customer retention?


Today, having the access to customer data, even outside the retail world, is the most effective way to achieve and offering an exceptional shopping experience.

In fact, thanks to the omni-channel strategy, all the instruments (on & offline) to interact with the brand are integrated into a unique and coherent shopping experience.

In order to offer it, retailers need to gather information about individual performance sales channels and on customer activities, to plan highly personalized marketing strategies, with tailor-made promotional and loyalty campaigns based on demographic and performance data.

The positive impact of clienteling is double: the client, while feeling at the center of the strategy, will live a better shopping experience and will tend to buy more and spend more, and retailers will increase the turnover and retain their customers.

Plus, clienteling brings numerous benefits, like:

  1. Increased footfall in the store (and online traffic)
  2. Improve the conversion rate in customer
  3. Increase the average ticket per customer
  4. Increased loyalty and longer lifetime value

From the point of view of in-store staff, clienteling also allows you to have tailored information to offer highly personalized sales advice:

  • Purchase history
  • Customers preferences about the shopping channel
  • Online (abandoned carts, social interactions) and offline activities
  • Trends and tastes

Sales staff, thanks to the knowledge of the items already purchased, will be able to propose new models, colors or accessories to match, but also to apply exclusive discounts that the customer has received via e-mail. Clients will feel automatically pampered, and will fall in love.

Furthermore, each operation will be simplified and speeded up:

  • withdrawal of orders with click & collect
  • booking items with delivery to the preferred place
  • allow payments anywhere/ in the store

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