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Combine digital with physical experience


The winners in the retail sector will be those companies that will succeed in creating a true omnichannel shopping experience, adopting a culture oriented towards omnichannel at company level. In other words, the company must guarantee its customers a seamless experience along all the channels, without distinction between digital and physical reality.

Why? Because it is what all consumers need: they want a full-service shopping experience, meaning that products, prices, product availability and information must be accessible from all channels at all times.

Some of the ways to ensure an omnichannel shopping experience are:

  • Identify a professional figure who’s responsible for the omnichannel, the customer experience and the customer journey within the organization, in order to be able to analyze all the channels, so as to understand what can be offered to consumers in different situations;
  • Build experiences involving both in-store and the phases of research and contact with the products happening during the customer’s journey phase that takes place online;
  • Give the turnover to the correct channels, in order to avoid the cannibalization of the digital with the in-store channel, and to have a fair measure of returns.

Data-driven marketing is the key to success

A data-driven approach is fundamental to achieve all these goals. In addition to having to spread a culture around the importance of data, a data-driven approach can be useful for:

  • Collect data in a coherent way, in order to focus on what is really important with respect to our business objectives;
  • Use data to refine the proposals to customers, segmenting customers into groups and continuously testing the most appropriate offers;
  • Use data to allow the supply chain to operate more efficiently.

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