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How to create an interactive shopping experience


As we all know, it is very important to aim an immersive in-store experience, in order to satisfy digital consumers.

After talking about eCommerce, mCommerce and omni-channel, 2018’s retailers will finally enter in a new era: the digital one, which will mark the end of the border between the online and offline world. According to some studies in fact, in the last year consumers have spent 10.5% more on experiences and entertainment than on products, and retailers who have invested in interaction within their stores have seen their revenues increase by 14%.

In-store immersive experience

The keywords in 2018, therefore, will be involvement and personalization: more and more consumers will ask brands to live tailored experiences and to interact with them. It seems obvious that retailers who want to be competitive will need to satisfy consumers by using the spaces and technologies to create innovative and unforgettable events.

How? Here are some examples of brands that have already transformed their shops into stores of the future.

  1. Interactive dressing rooms

Brand’s Ralph Lauren chooses to customize the user experience inside the dressing rooms, by inserting interactive touch screen mirrors.

While they are busy trying out the chosen items, customers can now view the entire collection in-store, interact with sales assistants by asking them for different colors or sizes, but also customize the light inside the test cabin to simulate different occasions and moments of use.

  1. Immersive athleisure, mon amour

Nike has created a flagship store in New York inspired by a store of the future. Inside the store, the brand has tried to respond to the need of consumers who wanted to receive more details about the products. It has thus inserted large screens where you can learn all the news on the items on display.

  1. Tech beauty

The interactive strategies have also involved retailers not related to the world of clothing: this is the case of Occitane, the famous French beauty brand, which managed to combine the brand’s value at the opening of the flagship store in New York, such as the hymn to natural beauty and life in Provence, with the personalization and multisensory spaces.

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