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The customer first and foremost: Prada aims at personalized shop experience


Nowadays consumers are increasingly demanding: their desire is to buy what they need when, when and how they want, and most of the time, it is very difficult to please them.

Retail is a very soft sector and changes with the needs of customers: personal assistants who help them choose, smartphones to follow the latest trends etc.

This explains the importance of acquiring experience and its multi-channelism: collision between physics and digital is a very strong trend in which the product acquires a value on the extent to which it is able to assure a shopping experience absolutely customized and tailored to the detail.

A recent survey conducted on a sample of 24,000 consumers in 29 countries (Total Retail Survey 2017) shows that only one in two consumers believe receiving a multi-channel quality shopping experience from their favorite retailer.

The flow of information generated by purchases (online and offline), if properly collected, is an inexhaustible source of success for all retailers.


The Prada Group has therefore considered installing a Wi-Fi network integrated with the brand CRM platform in about 500 of its store.

This software allows staff to recognize customers and innovate their buying experience by integrating the physical and digital world. The welcome portal welcomes customers as they step across the doorstep, greeting them by name and preparing a customized shopping experience (according to tastes and needs).

Signing then not only offers its customers (and all visitors to its stores) a fast wireless Internet connection but is also able to collect useful information about their behavior within the store.

Based on the collected data, the Prada Group can customize each customer’s shop experience, with a contextualized intranet or through the intervention, direct and personal, of sales assistant.

Customers are able to access, through the welcome portal, an online catalog that shows the latest collection of items and accessories available in the store, in various sizes and colors. Or, when a loyal customer reaches the store threshold, the sales assistant will receive notification of the tablet or smartphone immediately.

It will therefore have access to a detailed customer profile, with all the history of its purchases and the indication of its preferences, enriched by its social interactions so that you can accompany it in the shopping path in the best way.

If a product is unavailable or if the client wants to be handed over to his home, he will just click on the tablet and the game will be done.

To the benefit of customer satisfaction … and, of course, sales.

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