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Data analysis can improve your customer’s buying experience


The data collected from the interaction of your customers with your store have become a source of value in any company: information about customers and potential customers is something very valuable. Bigdata analysis has long been essential for companies to generate greater benefits, reduce costs, increase customer loyalty and create competitive advantages.

Obtaining data and metrics with which to evolve the business strategy is fundamental in retail sales, in fact the lack of information greatly hinders the optimization of the strategy and makes the team members unable to adapt the actions to improve the store.

In retail, measuring consumer interaction with the brand, helps different marketing and sales teams optimize strategies.

  • Greater awareness of our target and its consumers

One of the main goals of having reliable business data and metrics is to be able to better understand customer behavior and measure the ROI of actions performed.

By obtaining customer information from different sources and channels, online and offline, it is possible to make more relevant business decisions, and therefore:

  • Optimize the customer experience and create a much more personalized one.
  • Improve the performance of marketing campaigns.

The data allows you to increase revenues and reduce costs, thus improving profits and achieving better commercial performance.

  • Online & Offline are complementary

To get an integral idea of ​​what is happening in a store, it is necessary to measure both what happens in physical stores and what happens on the Web. It is not always simple, although this is fundamental in order to implement more personalized, concrete and effective strategies.

Knowing the data online is easy: it’s about monitoring the results of your store with tools like Google Analytics, which are responsible for recording the consumer’s path and displaying the corresponding rates. To measure data offline, it is necessary to have a people counting system to know where potential customers pass, and to be able to download this information on a viewing platform.

At TC Group Solutions we have tools such as TC-Analytics that allow you to collect and view data reports for one or more stores.

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