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Is digitizing stores a priority?


In an age where online purchases are becoming more and more important, it is necessary to keep in mind the needs of the consumer, especially since they are no longer obliged to enter a store when they have to buy something. In fact, when they decide to visit a store, buyers are no longer driven by a need, but by the desire to live a unique experience.

We know how the technology for points of sale is useful to create a coherent and unique one, but is it really a priority for retailers to digitize their store?

To give new value to physical retail space, retailers need to quantify and measure customer behaviour to learn how to increase their conversion and retention. This involves a complete transformation: it is not a matter of filling the store with bright displays or cutting-edge technology, but of measuring consumer behaviour in all channels to know if the actions and strategies applied are leading to the desired results.

  • Digitize the point of sale…

When they visit the shops in city centres and those in shopping mall, consumers are looking for experiences: touching, seeing, hearing and discovering products. Creating a one is essential to turn visitors into customers and increase their loyalty. In fact, around 90% of sales still take place in physical stores, especially when the purchase in question is important.

Technologies have their utility in different areas of a store: retailers can use them to eliminate friction points in the purchase path, evaluate promotions, optimize data collection, improve communication between customers and facilitate staff work.

Digitizing the store helps retailers adapt to the times and new consumer habits, online and offline: discover the trends that characterize personalization, learn to save costs and know how to take advantage of in-store technology; these are decisive factors for becoming successful in the retail sector.

  • …and discover a new path!

Offering memorable experiences, integrating channels to offer a transparent and seamless experience and equipping retail outlets with the technology needed to make life easier for consumers is the future of retailing.

However, digitizing the point of sale and investing millions in technologies to attract customers makes no sense unless you have access to data and results.

The conversion rate, the entries and exits of customers, the effectiveness of the campaigns or the average length of stay, to name a few, will eventually become fundamental metrics for every retailer that wants to be successful. Using in-store analysis tools, retailers can better understand their weaknesses and better target their efforts.

TC Group offers its customers a cutting-edge tool to monitor everything that happens in a store: TC Analytics is a complete and effective dashboard to analyze the performance of each store and improve its results.

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