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Eataly flying to France


Eataly, the concept-store that restores old buildings to create great points of sales, is preparing its first opening in the heart of France. In fact, in 2018 it will arrive in Paris thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Lafayette group. The store will be located in the Marais district, in space of 4000 m² next to the BHV department store, which also belongs to the French group.

The French point of sales will create a reproduction of the Eataly‘s offer in its home country: excellent Italian products which are going to be combined in typical dishes of the Italian gastronomy in several restaurants, cooking classes, and some space devoted to exhibitions and collaborations.

Eataly‘s goal is to export the Italian lifestyle though the local food habits combined with an engaging environment that is eco-friendly. Eataly‘s key of success is the shopping experience, the brand does not operate through simple stores, but they are real meeting points for cultural exchange.

Eataly is a chain with 25 stores around the world: Italy, USA, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Brazil, which relies on Retail Intelligence tools to improve the management of some retails by improving the shopping experience and the customers’ satisfaction to increase profits and performances. In a previous interview we talked with Ilaria Giordano, Business Controller in Italy, and she affirmed that the installation of TC Group‘s retail solutions allows the Italian brands to work successfully, to improve and to meet the needs of different types of consumers.

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