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Eataly, the Italian prodigy


Eataly is the gastronomy enterprises 100% made in Italy, created by Oscar Farinetti. The 27th of January it celebrated its 10 years anniversary. The celebration took place in the first headquarter of Eataly Lingotto in Turin, in ex-factory Carpano.

Eataly was born from Farinetti’s idea of creating a space entirely dedicated to the food and wine market labelled as made-in-Italy. However, it is more than a simple supermarket; Eataly is a new retail concept entirely new in the food market. In fact, in addition to providing a incredible choice of daily fresh products coming from the Italian land, it is enriched with moments and spaces dedicated to entertainment and education.

In Italy there are 22 Eataly and 15 abroad for a total of 37 establishments. Every year visitors reach a number of 25 million, 23.000 of them eat in one of the 157 restaurants within the Eataly environment, on daily basis.

Since its starts, the mission of Farinetti was to create new jobs, opening point of sales taking advantage of forgotten and unused real estates, restored to celebrate the biodiversity and daily offer of the Italia quality. In 10 years, have been recruited 5,500 person and 8,846 products have been exported for the first time.

Taking into consideration the future of Eataly, the retail is prepared to enter the Stock market which is planned for 2018. In addition it has clear expansion’s objectives. First, reach the area of the Far East of the world with China and India. The long-term strategy is to open in all 194 nations of the world. Between 2017 and 2018 it is already planned the renovation of the Verona point of sales and in 2017 is scheduled the start of a very interesting project, entirely focus on slow food called FICO Eataly World.

Italian Farming Factory (in Italian the acronym would be FICO) is an agribusiness park that will enclose in a single space the path of groceries and drinks from farm to fork, aiming to celebrate the biodiversity of the Italian food. It would be created using the old fruit and vegetable market of Bologna. It will be composed by 40 major Italian companies’ headquarters that are going to work on the daily production of the main Italian food and wine products. In addition, the 80.000 squares meters are enriched by a hectare and a half of fields and lands destined to the production of Italian agricultural and native animal’s products. Finally it will be hosting 25 thematic restaurants and 9.000 square meters of distribution, educational programs and multimedia areas. It is forecasted a number of visitors which amount to 6milion a year, Italian and foreign.

The retail concept created by Farinetti for Eataly is the perfect example of the Italian’s potential in the cultural, gastronomic and wine markets. And, under these points of view, it could be defined as the richest country in Europe.

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