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El Ganso chooses Dubai as the first step of its expansion plan


The Spanish company, founded by the Cebrián brothers in 2006, decides to take back the physical retail after a semester in pause, and it does so starting from Dubai. Furthermore, by the end of the year, the company will open two new stores in Spain.

In order to be right, this opening in the East is the second one: the Dubai store joins the one already present in Kuwait, in The Avenues Mall. Furthermore, it represents a new beginning for the brand that, from 2017, had decided to concentrate its efforts on the coordination of multi-brand distribution and department stores.

El Ganso, however, will not stop here: the brand, in fact, will amaze us with a new store in Tenerife and, before the end of the year, one in Seville.

El Ganso is already present in about 11 countries, mostly in Europe: France, Belgium, Germany, England, Portugal, Spain and, of course, Italy. In addition, they also have stores in Chile and Mexico. The company, with a total of around 170 stores spread across all these countries, is looking for new business opportunities.

El Ganso has closed the year 2017 with a turnover of 81 million euros, very similar to the results of 2016. The majority of sales (about 30%), were driven by the French market, where El Ganso has a massive presence and it is very successful.

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