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Is it enough to install tech in the store?


Retail Intelligence technologies are able to analyse the KPIs of your physical store exactly as an analytics program would do for your online store. But, to obtain a valid and really useful analysis, it is essential to have quality data and to analyse them with criteria.

As mentioned in our previous article, owning a device capable of collecting data on the number of store visits (client’s enters and exits) with a minimum percentage of error, is essential for making decisions based on real data.

Furthermore, to only implement the hardware is not enough: having a working data back-up and being able to count on a team of experts is as important as the data collection itself.

The hardware isn’t enough

Whatever the device installed in the store, making sure that it works properly requires certain know-how, to ensure a good level of data quality. In fact, each store can have different characteristics and needs.

  • How many entrances are there in the shop?
  • How many sensors are needed to cover each entrance?
  • Which are the measures to take into account?

It’s not the same to setting up a people counter in a mall or in shop along the street: each store has specific characteristics, and it’s important to take them into account before choosing any device. It is essential to perform a previous study, if you want to rely on real data.

At TC Group Solutions, we focus on quality of service and, with a proactive attitude; we detect and solve any anomaly or problem in real time, even before it is identified by our customers. In this way, retailers can make accurate and justified decisions.

During the counting and processing of the information, we check that the system is functioning correctly and that the data are real, through software and verification algorithms studied by our technicians.

Once the sensors have been installed and configured correctly, we synchronize all data in a Cloud platform, centralizing and facilitating its processing. This process allows retailers to have a more realistic vision possible, to analyse data and make appropriate decisions.

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