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Europe: which are the main obstacles to digital transformation?


There are several obstacles to digital transformation, despite the great ferment. Two European companies out of three (65%) consider themselves a digital enterprise, but only 43% of these are convinced that their Cloud strategy can support digital transformation and data management initiatives in the next 12-24 months .

The report “Digital Transformation Drives Customer Engagement” edited by Deloitte highlights the main obstacles to digital transformation and the research show that almost 3 out of 4 companies (72%) believe that a complete view of what customer wants is an important differentiator.

About 48% say that digital organizations are more often characterized by agility, while 43% cite an uninterrupted omni-channel experience. Then, more than half (52%), say that the efficiency of customer service is a driving force for technological investments and it has to be one of the main business objectives.

So, which are the main obstacles?

The research also highlights the main difficulties in a successful digital change progress: 4 out of 10 respondents (41%) say that the use of multiple technology platforms is an obstacle to the transformation of their company. The problem of data management further complicates matters: 1/3 of respondents indicate the need to overcome data silos, while 30% highlight the difficulty in having a unique view of the customer due to the multiplicity of data formats.

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