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Forum Sport bet on retail and omnichannel


Forum Sport continues to focus on omni-channeling, implementing this concept in all its stores: in fact, the mega-store of Vitoria (Spain) finally reopens its doors, after being refurbished and implemented with new technologies for the digital transformation.

The 2600 m² store is a real container of experiences: the customer can use the channel that most prefer to buy, because it is provided with tools that can break down the traditional barriers between online and offline channels.

The store has numerous touch-screen displays installed so that customers can access more than 100,000 items, view the store stock in real time and see all the technical information. Warehouse logistics has also been improved, and the customer can always count on the assistance of the store staff, equipped with mobile technology as a support tool for the sale and therefore able to offer complementary information on the characteristics of the products, knowing the stock in any store and executing online orders.

In short, the customer will decide how, when and where he buys, receives or returns. This new concept of shop, despite the technologies, doesn’t neglect the customer, indeed, puts it at the center of the whole experience.

Brand Image

One of the main objective is focused on the work done at the point of sale, contextualizing the offer with a renovate design that radically breaks with the previous model.

The company has paid particular attention to the presentation of products, promoting visibility, order and positioning, making it easier for the customer to choose the product. They have succeeded in integrating additional services such as free wi-fi, workshops, screen printing and personalization of garments purchased in the factory.

In-store experience

In addition, another of the company’s goals is to convert its stores into spaces for living sporting experiences. To ensure that the experience goes beyond the purchase, the store will have a central space where events, conferences, workshops for members of the Forum Sport Club will take place, and the brands will set up ephemeral spaces and temporary pop-up stores.

The company

Forum Sport is a brand born 27 years ago and specialized in the sale of sports equipment. In Spain, it’s present in 11 autonomous communities and reaches a total of 50 stores (one in franchising), 3 outlets and an e-commerce.

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