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Forum Sport is on the rise


Forum Sport, the Gascony company property of the Eroski group, keeps on growing. This news is dedicated to the opening of a new Forum Sport shop with a surface of 600 square meters in Logroño.

With this new point of sale, Forum Sport consolidates its presence in Spain, precisely in the autonomous community of La Rioja where it is set also in the shopping center of Berceo in the province of Logroño.

In total, Forum Sport is present in 10 autonomous communities with a total of 49 stores, among them, three are positioned as outlets. To this expansion, we have to add the inauguration of a new concept store dedicated to “sneakers”. It is a different retail format which adapts better to the strategic plan and to the objective of conquers the young target which lives in the big contemporary urban cities. This new Forum Sport‘s retail format takes the name of Dooers. It is already a month that the point of sale has been inaugurated under the name of Dooers in the city of San Sebastián.

The strategy of Forum Sport with the development of the Dooers’ brand, is in line with the competitors’ ones. Brands such as Deichman, Bata,Twinners have equally launched new retailers dedicated entirely to urban and casual shoes. Deichman has recently introduced Snipes in Spain; Bata opened AW Lab and Twinners developing the concept of Foot on Mars. Therefore, this year was the time for Forum Sport to opt for a strategy in line or better than the competitors with Dooers.

Forum Sports closed the exercise with a total sale of 140million euros, which accounted for a 3% more respect to 2014 thanks to an income which reached 136million euros.

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