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How to get some profit from discount days like Black Friday?


The Black Friday, a tradition born in the United States to foster online sales, has become the most important day of discounts for the year. It has far exceeded even Christmas both for spending and participation, and it works as much in online commerce as in the physical: in both channels, sales have reached mind-boggling points, thanks to incredible and unique discounts.

For retailers, it is important to learn how to take advantage of these events to increase your store’s sales, both on and offline. How?

Following, some useful tips to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Black Week.

  • Tips to increase sales in physical stores

Several retailers think that digital marketing strategies and the experience of buying in a store are different and separate from each other. Nothing could be further from the truth: digital marketing is an ‘excellent tool for encouraging in-store visits. It is necessary to know how to use all the tools at our disposal to improve our commercial performance: by e-mail, ads on web pages, posts on social networks and interesting content.

But which ones are the most effective?

  1. Exclusive and personalized promotions, for example, excite the customer more and encourage him to spend and buy more: these are discount coupons, mailings, or any type of offer that arouses the attention of the consumer. Or again, many buyers will arrive at the store at the last minute and may find few pieces available. It’s important to pay attention to your stock, but at the same time, there is nothing like making the shopping experience exciting with the “limited quantity” trick: urgency is a tactics to sell during Black Friday which brings the best results.
  1. Furthermore, organizing and properly advertising in-store events, during the Black Friday week, increases participation and expectations on the unmissable occasions that your store will present.
  1. Inform premium and loyal customers about new products in the store on this occasion, especially if the products are different from those that can be found in the online store.
  1. An entire sales strategy cannot focus on a 5% discount: it will not attract the attention of your consumers. Plus, playing a price war during Black Friday can be counterproductive. An alternative is to launch a specific product on the occasion, something that the customer can buy only during Black Friday. In this way, you will push the consumer to buy for impulse, a temptation that is difficult to resist.
  1. Do you know what your customers are doing in the store? Do they see the whole offer? Which are the main crowded areas within the store and at what time slots? Are my advertising campaigns effective? During the days of special discounts such as the Black Friday week, understanding where consumers prefer to pass quickly and where instead they hold back, provides real data to in-store merchandising: cold areas can indicate problems in the flow of pedestrian traffic, and inspire changes in the layout and layout of the store. Which are the main areas crowded within the point of sale and at what time slots.

TC Group Solutionsalso offers customized solutions for heat maps: widely used in large shops, these instruments consist of a motion sensor installed in the areas to be analyzed within a sales point.

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