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Which are the Hot & Cold spot inside your store?


The amount of products we can keep in sight in our store is not infinite. So, how to always display the ideal assortment of products? How to choose the most profitable products for your store and which are the areas of the store that receive the most visits?

Customers usually follow an itinerary when they enter the store. Depending on how you’ve organized furniture in the store or how you’ve arranged the products, customers will behave in ways that generate cold and hot areas within your store.

Therefore, knowing what these areas are and studying customer behaviour, it is possible to optimize the route to avoid cold areas in the shop.

  • Cold spot

First of all, let’s define what a cold area is: it represents an area of the store where there is low pedestrian traffic. It’s an area where customers, for a certain reason, do not enter and do not walk. An area can become cold because, for example, it is less accessible than others, not illuminated enough or because the products are badly placed on the shelves.

It is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of the furniture, to not block the passage to an important part of the store and to allow customers to visit the entire store. For retailers, cold spots represent the most expensive square footage of the store, so you need to know how to manage space to optimize sales.

To improve these specific points and encourage pedestrian traffic, it is advisable to place in the cold areas the basic necessities, the most purchased products or those with the highest turnover.

  • Hot spot

The hot areas are the spaces of the shop with the most pedestrian traffic, whatever the interest generated by the products of that area.

It is logical: products with the highest demand automatically generate hot areas, although there are transit areas that will have a lot of traffic, like the entrance to the store. These are the areas with the most visibility, and represent a good place to position those products for which we want to promote sales.

Devices for measuring pedestrian traffic at the shop

To properly order products within a store, you need to know which areas are cold and the hot areas of our store, and the devices available on the market today allow you to establish it.

Retail Intelligence’s technologies allow us to know in which direction the customers move, if they have visited the entire store, they detect any defects in the layout of the store, to improve accessibility and know which brands and products are the most popular.Therefore, it is not difficult for a retailer to measure a customer’s behaviour within the store.

In TC group Solutions, as a leading company in the retail sector, we have software to know which areas are more or less crowded than a store.

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