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How can customer experience be improved?


Don’t focus products and services to the needs of the company, but to each customer segment.

Every day more, the client is directly involved with brands where the portability of information has made it more demanding, supportive and sophisticated. Clients like to shares their experiences and emotions through different channels, that manage to have a greater reach to different audiences and markets.

This is why companies are giving more value to the customer’s voice, in order to know their level of satisfaction in the different channels where they offer their products and services. This kind of information can be used as a source of inspiration for the business development or define the corporate strategy for the coming years.

From studies, it seems that 62% of English companies know the importance of customer experience and considers that it is a fundamental pillar for the company’s success.

Nowadays companies seek all kinds of ‘social insights’ to better understand their customers. Social media are a great weapon to get to know the customer, because it allows company to:

  • Provide experience and customer service
  • Measure the reputation of the brand
  • Perform multichannel campaigns
  • Promote product innovation

According to the same researches, more than 6 out of 10 companies in retail are focused on the customer experience to improve their business. Moreover, the main focus of the industry is to devise tools and channels for capturing information.

The challenge that companies face is to achieve a perfect customer experience in order to manage it continuously and thus monitor, evaluate and generate insight.

TC Group Solutions can help retailers to improve their customer experience in order to boost sales and business. Retail Intelligence’s tools by TC Group Solutions are perfect to monitor and study customer’s flow and desire: our mission is to work continuously with our clients, developing for them accurate and reliable solutions to maximize the potential and increase profits at their points of sale.

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