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How to better the efficiency of your retailer, 4th step


Today we are going to talk about client satisfaction. This is a very easy step, nevertheless one of the most important.

Why retailers should take into consideration the opinion of a client that usually does not have any clue of how to drive a company or a shop? The reason behind the importance of consumers‘ feedbacks is the fact that they are the ones which are really creating business, without their demands and their purchases a company cannot work. Moreover, with the advent of social media, a single client can destroy the reputation of a company posting a bad review on platforms such as facebook, twitter and so on. Therefore, client satisfaction has to be absolutely considered as a principal KPI in the managment of a shop.

In the previous article, about the face recognition system, we already talked about customer satisfaction but this time the system is different. In fact, if the camera is able to just analyse the client’s expression so that it is possible to have an idea of the level of satisfaction the consumers have, this other system provided by TC Group Solutions is interactive therefore is the client who choses the value of its purchasing experience.

Thanks to this solution, easily understandable and accesible to everyone, the amout of BIG DATA collected are uncountable. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to analyse the insights gathered in order to obtain valuable rates about the customer satisfaction based on clients personal opinions. This is extremly important to understand if the service or the whole experience that they undergo were enough good and valuable so that the retailer can consequently know what has to be better or adjust in order to improve the store profitability and efficiency.

The customer satisfaction solution can be provided with a physical devices or in the other case, the customer can easily access to an interface on their smartphones in order to rate their experience.
In the next chapter of this small guide we are going to deep in the importance of portable devices within the stores.

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