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How to do a store audit?


In retail, auditing a store is an essential action for the proper functioning and organization of the business.

Performing an audit is the only way to check a store and have maximum control over one or more point of sales. But how is a complete audit carried out? What is the correct form to make a store work to its fullest potential? How does an audit improve the consumer’s experience?

  • What is a store audit?

In physical retail, the organization of sales points is essential to develop a correct business activity. A store audit involves checking every area of ​​the business to make sure that both the store and the retailers have everything they need to do their job properly.

For many retailers, who are obliged to check different points of sale to verify that each one of them works correctly, is it necessary to physically go to the site or have their employees compile daily reports on the status of each store.

To check if the conditions of each point of sale are perfect, if each factory has enough stock, if the windows shops are clean and tidy, it is an important part of the work of the retailers, who must devote time and resources to verify and guarantee the order of every point of sales.

Performing audits is the best way to keep everything under control and provide an immediate solution to every kind of problem. It is not simply a matter of checking the work of your employees, but of guaranteeing your customers a perfect experience during their journey.

  • Types of Store Audit

There are different types of store audits, and, usually, they must be performed by different professionals within the store: for example, the store manager will check material deficiencies, supervise and resolve any faults or accidents etc.

The area manager will be responsible for checking that the brand’s standards are respected in all stores under his responsibility and verifying their operation.

Mystery shoppers, on the other hand, are professionals who, for work, carry out shop audits on the level of their shopping experience by passing themselves off as common customers.

Stores audit are essential to get an exact idea of ​​what’s going on in your store at all times. To facilitate the implementation of the same, it is important that the store staff possess the necessary tools to communicate properly: for this reason, TC Group Solutions has created the TC Check, an APP for professionals of retail, specifically designed to save time and resources and to facilitate the work of all staff in the store.

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