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How to profit from proximity marketing

Nowadays, the possible ways of exploit the proximity marketing are uncountable. It truly can simplify people’s daily life becuase it gives the posibility to gather more detailed information about the products and their provenience but also empower some service like guided tours in museums.

But proximity marketing can be also deployed within the point of sale and it is really easy both for the sellers and the consumers. Clients need to dowload the brand or retailer‘s app and activate the bluetooth. At this point the beacon, which are devices positioned near as well as inside the stores, track the signal emitted by the mobile device and reveal the geographic location of the customer allowing the app to provide all the content present in the proximity marketing platform. Some examples are the posibility of downloading coupons, knowing more detailed information about the products and the service of skip the long lines at the cash.

But why shoud customers give such personal information to the companies that own this kind of service? The answer is very simple: customization. In fact the amazing advantage for the consumers is the posibility of having tailored offers. The pop-up notifications coming from the application are personalized based on the taste of the user which can freely choose to sign in and interact in the retailer‘s platform where the company gather information about his taste and preference. Therefore, when the client receive useful services, last-minute offers ad hoc, coupons and discounts or detailed additional information about the products, he will feel pleased and consequently more committed to the brand.

On the other hand, proximity marketing within the point of sale is a great opportunity for retailers because it extremely increases the customers’ satisfaction at a point that they wish to share with all their friends the great experience they just had, so that the brand acquires visibility and awarness.
An easy way of precisely measure the impact that the proximity marketing have on the business is provide the retailers‘ application with the interactive interface created by TC Group Solutions, with which the clients interact and that easily collects data and tranforms them into useful information about the consumers.

One of the first retailer which successfully introduces proximity marketing in its stores is Sephora. The brand has applied beacon within the point of sale and through the application they has discovered that the 82% of consumers were likely prone to give information to the company in order to receive push-notification regarding products’ details and possible offers.

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