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How to retain a customer?


In the same way that the entire acquisition strategy is processed, the post-sales process is important to retain customers and generate additional sales later.

There are many ways to promote in-store purchases: marketing, branding, visual merchandising, window dressing and layout are constantly kept under control in order to achieve this goal. But, what are the most common methods to retain customers?

In this article we talk about this important phase of the sales process, in which it is essential to remain anchored to the customer’s imagination to retain them.

  • Is it important to retain my customers?

A loyal customer is the one who continues to choose our shop even after making a purchase in the past. His choice has a meaning: he knows us, and he chooses us because he trusts us.

Furthermore, there are many reasons why you should bet and work on loyalty, and the main one is the economic cost. Unless our potential customers are tourists or people who go through with no intention of buying from us, retaining a customer is a much more profitable action than acquiring new ones.


  • Why should a customer return to our store?

To convince a customer to repeat the purchase, both in a physical store and on the online store, it is essential that the shopping experience is the best possible.
Sometimes, in fact, one of the reasons why customers don’t repeat is because they feel deeply dissatisfied. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee a correct organization of the store, and make sure that the staff is trained to advise the customer and improve their sense of satisfaction. For this reason, a check of the store is very important, since it is the only way to guarantee that everything works correctly.

  • How to retain a customer?

Once a purchase is completed, for many retailers, the sales cycle is closed: the purchase made, the product purchased. On the contrary, and given the characteristics of the modern consumer, it is necessary to develop an entire post-sales strategy with which to encourage the customer to choose us again in his future purchases. Such as?

  1. Make a good communication campaign. The brand is important in the loyalty process: it is the element that will ensure that our customers never forget our brand.
  2. Post-sales assistance: after the purchase, in the event that the customer wishes to make a return, a change or have doubts, solving these incidents quickly, quickly and effectively will be fundamental to customer loyalty.
  3. Loyalty programs: discounts are a way to encourage the customer to make other purchases or increase the average ticket.

Customer satisfaction does not guarantee guaranteed sales. Working to improve the experience is not synonymous with winning customers and guaranteeing loyalty, but it helps the consumer to consider us for future purchases, and this, sooner or later, will end up influencing sales or the average ticket.

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