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Imaginarium expands: it focuses on Mexico and Estonia


Spanish company Imaginarium, a company involved in the distribution of children’s toys, has announced the opening of new commercial establishments in Mexico and the first store in Estonia.

Founded in Zaragoza in 1992, nowadays Imaginarium has around 300 shops spread across 35 countries around the world: its international presence, together with the attractive and original format of its stores, has transformed the company into an international success that does not seem to have an end.

The concept is simple but winning: Imaginarium brings together a collection of multisensory products whose main objective is to enhance children’s natural talent. These products represent an alternative to the way children play today, and help to stimulate a more social way of playing, which helps children face daily challenges and develop their potential.

Imaginarium also knows how to make branding: its design, the original layout (such as, for example, the two doors at the entrance, one for adults and one for children) have contributed to bringing the company into the consumer’s heart and conquering the his trust.

Imaginarium, present in Mexico since 2002, has just entered into a strategic agreement with the “Palacio de Hierro” chain for the inauguration of five stores, the optimization of its network and the reorganization of the logistics service throughout the country.

To stay on the subject, the company also announced the opening of a new store in Estonia, in the largest commercial center of the capital Tallín, giving way to expansion in the Baltic countries.

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