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The importance of customers’ average time


When we want to optimize the customer experience and our results, we need to know certain information about what happens in our store and how customers behave when they are inside it.

Knowing how much time customers stays inside your store is a relevant variable, and used with other KPIs as, for example, the average purchase ticket, can detect certain incidents in your store.

In this article, we will talk about the real meaning of knowing the average stay time of the client.

Why is it useful to know how much time customers spends inside the store?

Any retailer must know that having real data about the client’s behavior is fundamental to carry out any point-of-sale optimization process. Measuring this KPI can help optimize the customer’s journey, as well as detect problems with the product’s distribution, and even recognize issues of lack of staff.

For example, it is common to change the place of a product or set promotions in different parts of the store. But do we really know if this change is making our client stop or pass on? A variation in the average visit time may be an indicator that the recent change of the products has accelerated the visit of customers.

The longer, the better?

The truth is that is not that important for retailers to know how much, but if there are variations and why. If we start from a very low average stay, it is normal if increase when sales increase (since there will be more customers passing through the cash area, rather than leaving directly), although a too long stay can be a negative signal.
Let’s imagine a shop where the optimal time of stay in the store is 10 minutes, and we observe that there is an increase of the average stay time. This could be because there is not enough staff and customers are making excessive queues to be served. In this case, a longer average stay time is a bad signal.

In order to boost sales and performances, you need to update your KPIs to detect problems that generate a decrease in income.

At TC Group Solutions we offer tools to optimize the performance of your store, such as our TC Analytics software which can measure the KPIs needed from your point of sale.

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