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The importance of the smartphone as a purchase channel


Users use the online channel both to buy and compare products, and the growing use of mobile devices and e-commerce makes it increasingly necessary to integrate these retail channels.

Many retailers with physical stores need to develop the online channel to integrate their omnichannel strategy. Two birds with one stone: the use of new channels of information and purchase by consumers can become an interesting opportunity to improve the point of sale.

  • How do consumers use mobile devices?

According to a Sì Marketing study, carried out on over 1,000 consumers of all ages in the US, customers often visit the website or APP of the store when they are in the physical establishment, and that, those who prefer to buy from the online channel, are usual complete their purchases mainly from the computer, and less from mobile phones or tablets.

57% of users, who use the APP in store, do it to search for offers in real time, and 46% of them search for items for sale and check if they can find them. To make the in-store experience even more attractive, retailers can improve their appearance and include additional services.

Almost half of the respondents commented that, retailers who make their stores visually attractive, offer additional services compared to just selling products (workshops, demonstrations, etc.) and organize local events by encouraging them to buy at the store. On the other hand, when consumers buy online, the computer desktop is the device from which multiple purchases are made (54% more than other devices).

Why do consumers prefer to buy from the computer instead of from their mobile devices?

The use of mobile devices by consumers has increased and does not seem to want to stop. Even Google declares that, that of Mobile First, is the right strategy to follow in an online business. But, even more interestingly, it seems that the mobile device is the place where multiple queries are made, even though purchases are mostly completed by a desktop.

So why encourage cell phone interactions in the store? Using a mobile device in a store is a way to improve the customer experience and encourage sales and brand loyalty.

Retailers offering a multi-channel experience, which allows multiple customers to use their phones as tools in the store to get more information and improve the shopping experience, will see their sales increase. This does not mean introducing technologies that could hinder the buying process, but rather the opposite: to help with technology to facilitate the buying process and avoid losing customers.

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