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How important is it to audit a store?


To check or doing the “audit” of a store, at the end and beginning of the day, has always been a fundamental part of the work of all retailers. Obviously, as the market evolves, so do the commercial procedures, but audits are still essential to have a clear idea of what happens in the store at all times.

As sales channels become more complex every day, it’s vital to stay informed about what’s going on inside the physical store. Retailers who have chosen a multi-channel approach, using technologies to optimize store performance, know that in-store experience is, today as it is today, more important than ever.

So, to have an organized inventory (in terms of quantity, quality, organization and ability to attract customers’ attention) and able to satisfy all the needs of a consumer in a physical store, it is necessary to carry out a precise and accurate control every day.

To meet this need, TC Group Solutions has created TC Check, an optimal and complete solution to check the general status of your stores.

In-store audits should be included in the list of tasks of each retailer, and for good reason: they help to maintain company standards, improve strategic operations and promote a safe store experience” they say about the TC Check.

Nowadays, there are many Apps and software available: anyone can answer a questionnaire quickly and easily from the phone or tablet, even incorporating photos taken with the same device

There are five types of basic audits that should be performed daily:


Are windows of all your stores in line with your brand image? What about the indoor of your stores? Are shelves well organized? Are fitting rooms clean and tidy?


Is the current advertising campaign displayed in windows of all your stores? Are special offers well highlighted inside the store? Are impulse purchase products well located at the checkout area?


Are all your products displayed in the store? Are they in the right spot? Are there enough products exposed in high-traffic areas? Have you lost any sale opportunity due to lack of stock? Which products were missing?


Does the lighting work properly throughout the store? Does the anti-theft systems works? Do people counters too? So does the cash register? Is the background music system running? How about the air-conditioning? Is there any item that needs to be repaired? (Furniture displays, mirrors, windows, shutters, etc.)


Is the store properly ready before the opening? Is the alarm control done? Are main access and emergency doors checked? Is the lighting running? Has the cleaning services been monitored out? Are cash registers and POS devices working correctly? Is there enough change in cash? Is the supplies inventory updated? (Bags, gift wrap, catalogues, complaint forms etc.) Are in-store displays checked? Are possible stoppers in the store lay-out removed? Are accesses free to emergency exits and fire extinguishers?

“If you own 12 or 1 store, audits are really an effective way to monitor your business at 360 °, offering a deep and careful perspective of your retail business”, concludes TC Group.

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