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How to improve less profitable stores sales?


When it comes to managing together several stores, a retailer has to deal with shops that work well and others that don’t make the same.

For many, shops with profitability below forecasts are a big problem to manage, and finding a solution to problems that cause a drop in sales can be difficult and complicated.

How to identify the problem? How to increase store sales? How to act?

Your store, always under control

Often, the owners themselves disregard what the real problems of their stores are. But, without knowing what is wrong, there are no conditions to intervene with corrective actions. Here is what to do to remedy:

  • Check the stock: the products advertised are a factor to consider if you want to increase sales. Correct display of the goods on the shelves and an attractive layout can make the difference!
  • Listen to your staff. Often, the right importance is not given to the most important thing: store staff. In fact, they are the first to realize any problems or failures, and, consequently, corrections will be faster.
  • Examine the general state: image is everything. When a customer enters your store, you will get an idea and stay anchored to that first impression forever. It is therefore important to pay attention to shelves, exhibitors, breakdowns and cleaning to increase the performance of the store.
  • Adopt a global vision: check which of your stores is the most profitable and extend the same strategies to the rest of the stores.

Making and maintaining all these points on a daily basis is essential when it comes to improving the appearance of the store, the customer experience and increasing sales.

Have an effective communication channel

In addition to the points mentioned above, the results of a store are also influenced by the lack of agility in making decisions and quickly solving the problems that occur within the store.

  • How do workers report a failure, lack of stock or damaged material?
  • How are directives sent to stores? Are these instructions clear enough?
  • How late is it to solve any problems?

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