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How to improve your shop windows game?


If you own a shop, then you’ll know that the windows and their organization are very important: it is the first thing that customers see, it’s comparable to a business card that can show not only part of your inventory, but also, and above all, projecting a brand image to the public.

A well-organized shop windows can help you multiply your store’s entrances, build consumer loyalty, convert potential customer visits into real sales, and can turn into a useful branding tool for your brand.

A proper use of your shop displays can help your store improve its results, especially during the holiday season: here there are five useful tips to improve your display-game.

  • Less is more

Let’s start with the most common mistake: fill the window with the entire inventory. In addition to being visually wrong, it can be counterproductive, as a confused and overflowing window tends to make the customer run away. On the contrary, try to use a common thread when you display your goods in the window, select products based on your marketing campaign, ask the help of an expert and do not overload the customers with information.

  • Layout is everything

The right layout can make the difference: make sure you do not overload the shelves, use wall brackets, small tables, wall hooks… anything that helps you get a clearer view and a home-made effect.

  • Be creative!

Think outside the box! Customers likes to be surprised by the way you display your items: with a little creativity you can show them to be able to create atmosphere and brand image with originality. A nice window is able to multiply entrance and tickets, playing only on the loyalty factor.

  • Shop & Branding

Shop displays do not just promote a product: there is a science behind why certain presentations, structures and colors combinations work better than others, and it has been proven that a good display can increase turnover and strengthen a brand by inspiring loyalty in the customer during purchase process.

  • Visual merchandising tech

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that the impact of digital media in the sales space is growing. In a recent study, more than half of consumers (63%) admitted that digital signage draws their attention.

With the introduction of In&Out counters device module, it is possible to measure the percentage of potential customers passing in front of my windows and the one that, after being attracted by my window, ends up entering the store. Moreover, thanks to these sensors, it is possible to calculate how many of the customers in the store end up buying something.

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