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In & Out store communication


Windows shops are very important: they can persuade us to enter a specific store, communicate emotions and convince us to impulse buying products. As a result, the organization of shelves and the layout of shop windows have a very important role in the ability to attract customers inside the store and induce them to buy.

Silent communication

Marketing often talk about visual merchandising as a silent vendor: it refers to the ability of this technique to attract buyers through an image and to offer the customer, in some way, the possibility to choose between a series of similar products, multiplying the sales possibilities accordingly. The main objective is to stimulate the customer’s interest so that he interacts with the product: this is the first step in generating a sale.

How many of the people who enter your stores end up buying something?

A good shop window, therefore, has the ability to convert visits of potential customers into sales. But, to know its real effectiveness, it is necessary to measure the level of attractiveness of the layout of our store and access data that can reveal the number of customers entering the store, how many pass in front of our window, or how many ends up making a purchase.

In & Out Branding

Windows shops are an integral part of the visual merchandising system of a store and contribute significantly to its brand image. This image is created first from the outside (through signs, graphics and windows) and then from the inside: through the layout of the store, products, hot spots and commercial entertainment etc.

Which are the strategic spots of your store?

In addition to the systems for street pedestrian traffic counting and the in-store people-counter, there are technologies, already widely used in department stores, that analyze the hot areas of the store through motion sensors installed to know the behavior of the customer inside the store. With these devices, you can analyze:

  • The most transited areas of the PoS, by time slots
  • How many people have passed the window and at what time
  • How many bought the products in promotion to measure the effectiveness of the campaign

Thanks to these KPIs, in addition to knowing the data on the effectiveness of the hot spots of our store, it will be possible to calculate previously the quantity of stock needed for a given product, how long it will end and how much will the sales profit.

Conversion rate

To know the exact number of people who have visited and then purchased something, you need to cross two data: the number of people who entered the store for the number of receipts made, to get the conversion ratio.

Thanks to the results of the conversion rate, it is also possible to know the level of attraction that generates a product (quality, price, originality, etc.), customer service and sales capacity of the staff etc.

Obtaining and managing these important data is essential for success in modern retail: for this reason, TC Group has created a complete tool for every type of store. TC Analytics is an integral dashboard for the control and management of one or more stores, which allows analyzing all the criteria on customer behavior obtained from the different hardware modules installed in the stores, and comparing them with the internal variables of each store (stock, space, prices, special offers, staff and sales).

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