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How to increase sales of your less profitable stores?


If you have more than one stores, it becomes complicated to know the performance of each one. For many, shops with lower performance are a problem, and finding the source to solve it can be a complicated and laborious task.

What is the main problem with low performance stores? How to increase sales in these kinds of situations? What are the measures to improve?

Your store must be always ready

Often, retailers do not stop to think about the problems of a store. Not knowing them personally, they’re unable to locate the fault and fix the issue. However, there are some tricks that can give an idea of ​​the correct functioning of a store:

  • How is the stock displayed in your window’s shop?

The lack of properly displayed products can be a factor to consider when it comes to sales. If the products are not properly displayed, in the windows shops or on the shelves, it is possible that they are the main cause of the shop’s malfunctioning.

Often, store employees are the first to identify problems. If there is no trust between the staff and the management team, then it could be difficult to solve problems quickly and effectively.

  • Check that everything is working properly

The image of your store is the one that customers take home and capture in their imagination: if inside the store there are broken things, dirt or light failures, these will affect the experience of your customers, and they will have a impact on their level of satisfaction

  • Have a global view

Check out the different points of sale, and find out which ones have the least incidences, such as the most popular ones, the ones that convert the most and those that emit the least tickets.

Keeping track of these points in each of the stores in management is the key to improving the experience of your customers, and, consequently, to increase sales.

At TC Group Solutions we have TC Check, the APP aimed at solving the problems that occur at points of sale, centralizing data in an organized, clear and direct way to resolve incidents and improve results.

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