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How to increase the sales of less profitable stores?


Owners of different points of sale must know that not all stores have the same performance and gain the same profits at the end of the month.

For many retailers, stores with performances below expectations are a big problem, and finding a way to solve that can be a complicated and laborious task.

Where exactly is the problem? How to increase sales in these stores? What are the measures that must be adopted in order to succeed?

Your store must be always ready

Many times, retailers do not think too much about the real problems within the point of sales. If we do not know exactly what goes on inside a store, we will not be able to take the necessary measures that our point of sale needs.

  • Controls the exposed stock: a lack of exposed product can be really negative for profits. If products are not correctly displayed in the areas or lines where should be, it’s easy to lose sales.
  • Listen to your employees: the majority of times, store workers are the first to detect problems. If there is no way to see these problems arrive, it will be very difficult to efficiently solve them.
  • Everything must work correctly: the look of your store is everything to your customers. If there are broken things, dirty shelves or cast lights, customer experience will lower client’s expectations, and, therefore, sales and profits will be reduced.
  • Have a global vision: control all your points of sale, be sure about which those that have more or less incidents are and which is the general state of each of the stores.

Making and maintaining all these points on a daily basis is the key when it comes to improving the look of the store, the customer experience, and, consequently, increasing sales.

Optimize your communication channel

In addition to the points mentioned above, the results of a store are sometimes affected by a lack of agility in making decisions and quickly resolving incidents that may occur within a point of sale.

  • How do store staff report an incident, lack of stock or damaged material?
  • How are instructions sent to stores? Are these instructions clear enough?
  • How fast are problems solved?

TC Group Solutions created the ultimate solution to all of these issues: TC Check, the APP aimed to solve all the problems that occur inside stores, by centralizing the data in an organized, clear and direct way, in order to resolve incidents and improve results.

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