Interview with Alan Thomson, Irysis hardware supplier for TC Group Solutions


With over twenty years of experience in the production of hardware to analyze the pedestrian traffic in & out commercial establishments, today Irisys is the world’s largest supplier of people counting sensors: the company creates devices that allow accurate and reliable counting of customers’ entrance and exits in commercial establishments.

As TC Group Solutions‘ hardware supplier, we interviewed Alan Thomson to learn more about upcoming developments in counting technology.

  • As a hardware supplier, could you tell us about the technology used by Irysis?

Our technology is based primarily on our thermal sensor. This sensor is produced entirely in our factories in the United Kingdom, where all the other elements of the device are also created.

This is Irisys’ own type of technology, which means we are able to offer the market an extremely accurate pedestrian traffic meter, which maintains the anonymity of customers and can work in different environments, even without sunlight, because our technology relies on the energy (heat) emitted by people.

  • How reliable are Irysis sensors?

Much, the average life time is around 25 years. It is a compact product with no moving parts, so there is little chance of a failure. For example, the UK supermarket chain, Tesco, installed our system more than 15 years ago: that same system is still installed and continues to run and work well.

  • TC Group received the Best European Performer award from Irysis. Could you explain what the criterion for the election of the winner was?

The criterion chosen is based on a combination of factors, and growth is one of the most relevant factors. TC Group Solutions recorded a 300% growth in Europe between 2016 and 2017. Furthermore, sales results were higher than our other European partners.

  • Are you working in new types of technology?

Yes, we are developing a new product called Vector 4D. This new device we develop provides a precise count of the pedestrian flow, with the possibility of improving the measurement of time spent, the exclusion of staff in the store and even its disposal.

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