Interview with Alberto Velarde and Juan Antonio García, CEO and COO of Flamingo Sunglasses


  • With Flamingo you have created a brand with high values and a lot of personality. What is your audience, and why do people like your glasses so much?

We clashed with a very demanding public, who’s looking for a different and high-quality product, but at a responsible price. These consumers are characterized by being tired of the same brands they’ve known forever, with massive production and exorbitant prices. In fact, 95% of customers who buy both in physical stores and online channels congratulate us for the balance between quality and price.

  • Thanks to your collaborations with world-famous artists, you guys created glasses with innovative and creative designs. How do you evaluate these experiences?

These are very positive experiences, especially for the client, but also for the artist. As we mentioned before, new consumers are always looking for something different, that goes beyond the classic eyewear: they look for a story, a reason, an emotion. At the same time, the artist manages to reach a wider audience with his product: in this way, glasses are transformed into an element of union between artist and customer.

  • What are your current distribution channels, and what differentiates you from the rest of your competitors?

Nowadays, we work on three channels: retail, wholesale and online. The main value that distinguishes us from others is the reliability that our brand conveys. Thanks to the quality and design of our products we have achieved that, in 4 years, Flamingo has turned into a quality and affordable eyewear brand. These elements make up a brand people can trust.

  • Which is the reason for the jump in physical retail, with the opening of your store?

It was necessary to bring “the Flamingo experience” to a physical point of sale: in fact, it is complicated to offer a full experience with a multi-brand strategy. This reflection has led us to think about opening a single-brand store. For us, it is vitally important that customers can fully experience what it means to buy a Flamingo eyewear.

  • What plans do you have for the future? Do you plan to open other stores?

Yes, our growth and expansion strategy are to open other spaces in the main cities of the country.

  • Recently, you started working with TC Group Solutions to get the most important data and KPIs for a store. Why did you make this decision, and how much importance do you give to data analysis in retail?

Since we like to consider ourselves analysts, we needed to measure everything that happened in our stores, in order to make decisions based on real, and therefore less risky, data. We knew we wanted to work with the best on the market: this, and many recommendations from fellow retailers, led us to choose TC Group Solutions’ technologies.

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