Interview with Álvaro Rodríguez, sales manager for JOMA


This month’s interview is with Alvaro Rodriguez, commercial director of JOMA Brand, a Spanish sportswear company.

  • Good morning Alvaro, could you tell us about your role at Joma and your experience in the retail sector?

I am the sales manager of Joma in Spain and Portugal, and part of my work focuses on the implementation of JOMA physical stores in these two countries. We are talking about franchised stores and even property ones.

  • What are your main sales channels? What is the balance between online and offline stores?

Our main sales channel is the wholesale one, that is all sports stores nationwide. Furthermore, we also work with online sales thanks to our e-commerce, to the final customer.

  • What are the company’s future plans? (online / offline expansion, international market development, etc.)

At this time, our main goal is to grow internationally, with the opening of many JOMA stores in various countries throughout 2020. Our main market remains physical stores, although many of our customers sell our products thanks to their e-commerce specialized in the sports world …

  • What do you think about the digitization of sales points?

I believe that it is something fundamental and essential: digitization is the most important part, since the final user likes to shop online more and more…

  • In your experience, how do you think retail will evolve in the coming years?

Over the next few years most sales will come online with the user sitting comfortably at home, but will end up in a physical store, perhaps to recollect the purchase, or just to try on clothes and then buy them online. Moreover, with the digital dressing rooms, it will be possible to notice how any outfit fits without having to try it physically, a practice that will make the final user’s online / offline experience more fluid and connected to each other.

JOMA use TC Group Solutions technologies in their store to improve their commercial perfomances.

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