Interview with Céline Merlaud, Marketing Chief for Carré d’Artistes

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Céline Merlaud is the Marketing head at Carré d’Artistes. In this interview, she will explain us in detail the internationalization of the brand and how it is preparing for the Christmas campaign. Moreover, she will illustrate us the benefits that the adoption of TC Group Solution’s technology is bringing to Carré d’Artistes.

  • Will you talk to us about your role in the company?

I am the Marketing Manager of Carré d’Artistes. I manage the implementation of marketing operations and strategies for french galleries, subsidiaries and franchises. We have a total of 35 physical galleries.

  • How the brand’s concept and the name were born?

Stéphane TOSI, co-founder and General Director of Carré d’Artistes, has always been very passionate about art. After several years in charge of the sales of an international food products company, she decided to create Carré d’Artistes together with a partner.

  • What sales channels does the brand use and in which countries the company has presence?

Our network consists of physical points of sale, galleries and online store. We are present in the following countries (with subsidiaries and franchises): France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait, China, South Korea, USA and Mexico.

  • Why have you decided to expand internationally?

Carré d’Artistes has developed worldwide, since art is an international concept, without borders, and unites all passionate without taking into account neither the nationality nor the country of origin. French culture benefits from an international influence that allows us to offer artists the opportunity to exhibit in the most important cities of the world, and increase their success.

  • You are present in different countries of the world. How does the company choose where to invert?

Asia and the United States are two favorable areas for the development of French companies in all sectors, which is why we have established ourselves there. These data also intersect with the study of habits of tourist clientele in France and its receptivity.

In addition, we only settle in a country with a partner who knows the market and is passionate about art. His/her knowledge and relationship with the values’ company are essential to guarantee the correct development of the gallery.

  • Christmas is right around the corner. So, how is the company preparing to face holiday’s sales?

We have been working with 4 artists since the beginning of 2017 in an ephemeral collection for Christmas. For this period in particular, we highlight an artist we trust and guide him so that he can propose a complete collection by the end of the year.

In France, we work with a guy named Graffmatt, a young French street artist. All the galleries of the French network will exhibit 95 of his works, some of which have been made on wooden pallets or cardboard boxes. An exhibition in accordance with the philosophy of the network: to sensitize the general public about any form of art.

  • How do you think the stores will evolve in the future?

The online art market is developing rapidly, and, for this reason, we invest massively in this distribution channel. So far, art is also a matter of emotions; therefore, it is necessary to see it physically. Our galleries will be digitized to reinforce the client experience on the work of each artist but we will not be able to avoid the link between an art work and an art lover.

We chose TC Group because of its international development and the completeness of the data we could obtain. We hope to work this information to improve our understanding of the purchasing behavior of our customers, to continue our mission of making art accessible to as many as possible. It is a tool that will help us to manage the performance and the organization of the galleries.

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