Interview with Hamid Belgacem, Managing Director at Marie Sixtine


Hamig Belgacem, Managing Director to the french brand for women’s clothing MARIE SIXTINE, tells us the brand’s path to reach its goal and position itself in a more and more digital and competent retail concept. At the same time, Belgacem explains to us what benefits he has achieved with the Tc Analytics tools offered by TC Group Solutions.

Hi! Can you tell us something about her and explain her role within the brand?

Sono il direttore generale aggiunto di MARIE SIXTINE, una firma di abbigliamento per donne che fa parte della categoría “lusso ad un prezzo accessibile”. Attualmente, abbiamo 8 negozi monomarca e siamo presenti nella galleria Printemps e in altri negozi multimarca in Europa e all’estero.

I am the deputy director of MARIE SIXTINE, a women’s clothing brans that is part of the category “luxury at an affordable price”. Nowadays, we have 8 single-brand stores and we are present in the Printemps gallery and other multi-brand stores in Europe and abroad.

How one can work in these different store types?

As for single-brand stores, we are personally managing all the activities. For this reason, we must help with analytics tools such as TC Analytics provided by TC Group Solutions, which allow us to know the evolution of pedestrian traffic outside and inside the store and the conversion ratio. Instead, we only sell products to multi-brand stores. In our store of the Printemps mall we offer our concept and store staff manages it for us.

Are convergences on online and offline sales?

Our website works as an online store, but also as a signature blog. It is managed by our Paris offices, which deal with the creative part and sales. A new web will be launched in February, which will allow us to manage all orders and purchases made online and offline. Also, we will do everything in our power to provide customers with a better shopping experience: click & collect etc. Thanks to this web, offline and online, they can finally converge to offer an omnicanal experience to our customers.

This new web will become the largest store of MARIE SIXTINE.
In addition, we will benefit from SEO strategies to optimize our Internet positioning and become more and more popular on the web every day, and thus increase sales.
This new web will allow us to have a wider vision, a vision at European level: it was important for us to become aware that the traffic we receive comes from all over Europe, particularly from England.

What is the Apartment of MARIE SIXTINE ?

The Apartment is a space dedicated to selling and marketing the brand.
Here we organize an event for our merchants, staff, or customers. In one of these events dedicated to marketing and communication, blogger Garance Dore has remained for 10 days. This marketing strategy has been very successful on social networks, so the Elle Déco magazine devoted a special 9 pages to MARIE SIXTINE‘s apartment.

What kind of use do you do with the tools of Retail Intelligence?

Pedestrian traffic study is essential to know whether our showcases are like or not to customers. Thanks to the attraction ratio analysis, you can tailor it to the tastes of consumers. In fact, the change in the relationship of attraction allows us to quickly correct our mistakes. These changes reveal what kind of commodity and merchandising products and strategies attract customers to the store.
For example, thanks to the report of the attraction report, we realized that the showcases have to change the theme every 15 days, making weekly changes even on the same theme.

We also use our customers’ stay time as part of our “quality of service” program: this indicator informs us of the role of our staff. Lastly, the conversion ratio is an essential transformation indicator for our shop analysis.

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