Interview to Jordi Puig, founder of Plus Value


This month we have interviewed Jordi Puig one on the founder of Plus Value, a society of Retail Marketing consultancy. Puig has a long career in the retail sector, he has been working with brands such as Pronovias and Levi Strauss. For 15 years, he has been directing Plus Valuewhere he worked with names as Boboli, Skechers, Nike, Diesel, Quicksilver, studiof, Fuera de Serie, Mario Hernández among the others national and international brands. Jordi Puig is one of the participants of the First National Congress of retail in Columbia, organized by TC Group Solutions.

Can you present Plus Value?

Plus Value is a consulting company about Retail Marketing, specialized in the textile, shoe and accessories market which has already 15 years of experience. Plus Value focuses its business on three axes of work.
First of all the consulting service which points at redefining the store model starting from new brand positioning strategies, taking inspiration from other commercial formats and successful cases. This service follows all the steps and the factors which influence the retail activities from the collections, the point of sale, the visit frequency, the staff jobs and the movements inside the store, the space management and the categories, the highly profitable team in the point of sale etc.

The second ax is based on the visual disposition of the windows and the visual merchandising. Plus Value is dedicated to:

  • Image and create the windows
  • The purchase of the materials if necessary
  • The staging thanks to its net of 18 specialized contacts in windows dressing dislocated in the principal markets of Spain, Portugal and the Island.

Finally the third ax consists in support the internationalization processes of our clients and vice versa, for international clients towards Spain.

In reality has been 7 years that Plus Value is well established in Latin America where we have worked in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, etc.
Among our clients stand out brands such as Boboli, Skechers, Nike, Diesel, Quicksilver, studiof, Fuera de Serie, Mario Hernández and other national and international.

What does it mean for you Smart Store?

The Smart Store is the one able to take in the technologies and objectified a series of data which are really important in the retail world, such as the footfall, the entrance frequency, the capacity of the store, the dwell time, etc and convert them into management indicators, attraction and conversion rates measurable and comparable.

The objective data teach us to see the truth about what is happening in the store. Which are the myths of retail revealed by Big Data technologies?

The world of retail is found on perceptions; the exhibition of a product and the stage of it are, among others, stimuli generators. When I enter a shop, I like to feel, hear, see, captivate the first impressions which are really precious and these perceptions help me in taking decisions. Moreover, it is important to have the possibility of objectified these sensations in order to convert them into data. We cannot remain only impressions! It is really important that retail transforms perceptions into data and concrete actions.

The objective data bring knowledge about what happens in the shop, consequently this data have to be processed and analyzed in order to obtain values. The key is being able to analyze and collect conclusions to develop correct actions starting from the objective data.

Which kinds of technologies is it possible to find in the Smart Store?

T-Cuento, now TC Group Solutions started in 2007 in leading the retail sector with its smart counters. During these years, the smart counters of TC Group have evolved a lot, technologically as well as geographically; now not only we are able to know the clients behaviors inside the store but we can also know how the clients behave outside the point of sale and this fact brings the possibility of having objective data towards which we can also doubt the monthly rent we have to pay for the location.

With all the data collected by TC Group the retailer and the consultors are able to give value to the different situations about the reality happening in the stores.

The conversion rate and the attraction rate are really important data towards which with a good control it is possible to better the profitability of the store day by day.

The conversion rate, most of the time, is strictly linked to the ability of store’s staff. So, thanks the control of the conversion rate a retailers can redefine the customers service protocol, motivate its employees in focus their efforts in closing the sales. The store is not a museum where we exhibit and inform, but a touch point where ends the purchase.

The next 22nd of September you are taking part into the National Retail Congress in Columbia, what can you tell about it?

The National Retail Congress is a great activity started by TC Group Solutions together with its headquarter in Columbia, the company Data Retail. This event allows the meeting of different sectors part of the retail world; there are going to be present players of the large distribution, textile, shoe, operators in shopping centers etc. The event has a very wide reach. I am going to assist personally and I am giving a speech in a conference as founder of Plus Value with a lot of experience in the retail sector. The event is interesting because it has the possibility of share knowledges in a country which is strongly growing in the sector.

TC Group has made an important effort which is also part of its positioning plan in Colombia. TC Group as much as Colombia needs to get to know each other, so that the Retail Intelligence Solutions by TC Group can help retailers and the promoters of the shopping centers. This has been already been happening with success in Europe and in the rest of the world. Moreover, the National Retail Congress can be the starting point for future editions and luckily become the key meeting for the retail sector in Colombia and America Latina. Networking (meeting space where exchange opinion) is relevant, the professionals of the sector appreciate the possibility and they need new initiatives as this one created by TC Group Solutions.

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