Interview with Miguel Angel Cartier, CEO of Bedda Centers


In this month’s interview, Miguel Angel Cartier, General Manager of Bedda Centers, specialized in laser hair removal, tells us how they prepared for Black Friday and how they use the tools of Retail Intelligence to measure the company’s performance.

  • Hi Miguel Angel! Would you tell us something more about the Bedda Centers?

In Bedda, we are specialists in high power laser hair removal, thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies on the market with the sole objective of offering a high quality result. In our 16 centers we firmly believe that permanent hair removal should be within everyone’s reach: this is our mission.

We are not a franchise, but a constantly evolving chain of property centers, with the aim of offering excellent service and high quality treatments.

  • What is the secret of your success and what distinguishes the Bedda Centers from the others competitors?

Our success is based on three fundamental pillars: the first, and most important, are the people who work with us. Our staff is made up of great professionals in continuous training with a big passion for their work.

The second ones are the latest generation tools we use in our centers. For example, the laser technology we use (Leaseir) was awarded in Cosmobeauty last January as the best in the category of hair removal, being the most effective and fastest in the market.

These two points lead us to the third pillar: our customers’ satisfaction. Our main objective is that the customer feels satisfied with the service received, and, for this reason, we have created the “Bedda Treatment”, a written guarantee about the complete elimination of unwanted hair through follow-up and personalized advice.

  • Black Friday is near. How did you prepare to face these days of discounts? (I’m talking about marketing campaigns, offers, promotions, etc.)

With great expectations! We are sure that it will be one of the most prolific weeks of the whole year. Today, consumers take advantage of these days of incredible discounts to buy products at half price and even to anticipate Christmas gifts.

For us, Black Week is a very important occasion, which we will take advantage of by creating offers both online (on our web or on social networks) and offline (in our centers). For example, these days there is an incredible offer, which provides up to 70% discount on all depilation!

  • How do you think Black Friday will affect sales?

Very positively! Based on data from previous years, and thanks to the discounts of Black Week and those of the upcoming Christmas period, we expect to end the year to be spectacular. In fact, during the last period, we opened 10 new centers for laser hair removal and our turnover has skyrocketed, due to the high popularity of our treatments among the customers.

  • Which are the most important KPIs for your company and which are the most used tools to measure results and know performances of the various centers?

By now we know it: everything that is not measured cannot be managed. For this reason, we invest in technological solutions for counting. We manage a dashboard with around 60 different KPIs, with which we measure the key aspects to attract new customers, know the profitability, the operational management of the centers and the level of customer satisfaction.

Measuring is very important: in fact, only by careful analysis it is possible to notice changes in performance and take the right measures to improve results.

For example, it is not the same to have a low attraction rate, to which we will apply certain solutions, or a low conversion coefficient. For every problem that presents itself, we propose several alternatives already tested to solve it as soon as possible.

In our case, being able to count on the technologies and tools of TC Group Solutions is fundamental. As I said before, in Bedda Centers we always aim to have the best and most innovative technology, and we install these solutions in every center we open.
It is essential for management, since, within our control panel, the external traffic data, the enters, the attractiveness index, the conversion rate and the other variables that we analyze with the TC Group tools, allow you to anticipate and understand how to improve our business.

Furthermore, having them integrated with our CRM allows us to correlate key information to understand mistakes and improve day by day. Personally, I can’t understand how a physical company nowadays doesn’t invest in technologies that can provide you with such important data, knowing that we live in the era of BigData, whose analysis is fundamental to the success of any business.

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