Interview to Sébastien Vietti & Javier Abaroa, business associates and country managers of Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Sebastien Vietti FlyingTiger-CSTRUY-001

Sébastien Vietti and Javier Abaroa are business associates and managing directors of Flying Tiger Copenhagen, the international Danish design chain that aims to surprise, inspire and make customers laugh with products that encourage play, creativity and social activity.

It is very difficult to get bored of this brilliant and atypical shop’s chain: among the many marketing strategies adopted, Flying Tiger usually introduces every month 300 new products at very affordable prices. In this interview, Vietti and Abaroa talk us about the company and the benefits earned by using TC Group Solutionsretail intelligence technologies.

  • Hi there! Could you guys tell us about your role in the company?

We are Sébastien Vietti and Javier Abaroa, responsible for the development of Flying Tiger Copenhagen in France, particularly in the North-East and South-West regions.

  • What do you think about the digital transformation that is revolutionizing retail world?

We firmly believe that technological evolution is inevitable and essential. We need to know and master the information our customer’s needs.

What are the most important KPIs to consider in order to be successful in the retail sector?

In our case, the KPIs we need the most are to know where there is the higher flow of pedestrians and, consequently, the ideal location to open a profitable store.

  • Among all the Retail Intelligence’s technologies offered by TC Group Solutions, there is the Customer Repetition module, able to analyze how many customers replicate their visit to the store and how often. Do you think this tool is useful to increase the profitability of points of sale?

Sure! Since it would allow us to anticipate the rotation of our products and, consequently, to surprise our customers.

  • Have you ever put up a sales campaign? If so, how did you plan your goals and strategy?

Flying Tiger has chosen not to participate in seasonal sales, as our products have a very affordable price for the whole year. Therefore, our profit margin is already very limited.

  • Which are the brand’s plans for 2018?

In our opinion, it is essential for all brands to focus on offering the best shopping experience possible to customers, regardless the type of product offered. When customers enter at Flying Tiger, our goal is to make them feel like real millionaires!

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